Development of an AI-based Telephone Bot for Banks

We worked as subcontractors for a major German banking IT service provider. Our goal was to develop an AI-based telephone bot that relieves employees in the headquarters and assists end customers in performing banking processes such as checking account balances and making transfers.

For approximately one and a half years – during this time, we primarily provided domain expertise, but also technical support. We worked according to agile methodologies such as SCRUM and prepared software deliveries according to the SAFe framework. The quality of our work was continuously assessed and improved according to the ISO 25010 standard.

AI Telephone Bot

he objective was to develop a telephone bot that increases efficiency by automating routine tasks, thus enabling employees to focus on more complex inquiries. This was expected to result in significant cost savings and improve the accessibility of banking services for end customers.


The outcome is excellent interdisciplinary collaboration across multiple departments and companies. The developed AI telephone bot operates smoothly, is scalable, and brings significant cost savings. This innovation represents a significant advancement in the automation of customer interactions in banking and demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence to transform and optimize traditional processes.

Through the use of modern AI technologies and agile development practices, we were able to create a telephone bot that not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves customer satisfaction through fast and accurate service delivery.

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