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British agency brings forward a sophisticated customer request for an online streaming app

One of our partners in Europe approached us with a challenging project, moving a dance school online. The client wanted to maintain their own corporate identity, and not rely solely on existing online streaming services. Our European partner agency managed the client relationship and provided all the necessary wireframes and designs for a multi-tenant, role-based mobile application. Our team in Eastern Europe planned, architected, and developed the infrastructure and the mobile app based on the given specifications and designs over a period of more than a year. The app works on both Android and iOS devices, enabling live video and audio streaming, chat, video library, and comment features, similar to a private social media platform.

Support is key

Every software goes through various stages and changes, and support from the original development team is crucial. That’s why we planned from the start to include support throughout the entire development cycle and beyond. The client can rest assured that they will receive support whenever something occurs that impacts their business.

The Key to Success is Collaboration

Each team member should do what they do best. With this philosophy, we divided the project between FERENDIN and our partner in Europe to ensure project success and a satisfied customer. Our partner takes care of customer service and the design part. We handle the cloud-based architecture, backend servers and services, and the app. FERENDIN takes over the entire process of app development and publishing for both Android and iOS devices, as well as for the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore.

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