Development of a GDPR-compliant AI Chatbot for Banks

We are working as a subcontractor on the development of an artificial intelligence-based chatbot for banks, which is based on the Large Language Model (LLM) GPT, but is specifically hosted in Europe to ensure GDPR compliance. Our team consists of several engineers, data scientists, DevSecOps, and specialized personnel, all working closely together. The project is designed for rapid results, with a focus on precise and secure implementation.

We rely on agile development practices and modern DevOps approaches to maximize the security and efficiency of the chatbot. Compliance with GDPR and other standards is of the highest priority to ensure that no customer data is used for model training or made externally accessible.


The project led to the development of a highly secure, fast, and powerful LLM-based chatbot that significantly enhances the productivity of bank employees. The interdisciplinary collaboration within the project team enabled the development of a chatbot that not only provides operational efficiency but also fosters the creativity and strategic thinking of the staff.

By employing advanced AI technologies and strict security protocols, we have created a chatbot that not only meets the requirements of modern banks but also enhances their ability to respond quickly and securely to customer needs. This represents a significant step in the digital transformation of banking and demonstrates the potential of AI to revolutionize traditional processes.

Employees using the chatbot complete their tasks up to 37% faster than those who do not use the bot.

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