Digitizing a tourist print shop

Apps in customer hands instead of employees

Our customer runs a print shop in a tourist area. The tourists take motif pictures which are then handled by personnel, curated, fitted on templates and processed. The tourists choose their favorites and let them print. The app reduces the need for employee actions significantly by enabling the tourists to perform some of the steps themselves.

Increasing customer satisfaction and saving costs

Being able to curate and choose their pictures without the need to consult an employee, the tourists get more involved with the pictures and motifs and are more happy. This has a direct impact on the number of printed images generated, while the employees have time for other activities.

Generating more sales and longer customer retention

With the apps on the tourist devices, it is easier to maintain contact. They get notified when new motifs are available and more importantly, they can reorder old images or customize them again and order anew. This is made possible by technical details such as cloud storage and backup, multi-store apps and great customer journey and ease of use (UI/UX).

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