Helping the big blue – even IBM needs external help sometimes

IBM has a lack of Java developers

At FERENDIN we have a strong Java background and this is no secret to our partners with whom we often work together, providing Java engineers. Nonetheless we never expected to be requested from IBM, but we were. We provide IBM with multiple Java engineers which go through a selection process. Based on this process IBM picks the best fitting engineers for their ongoing needs. Our Java engineers have been integrated perfectly within IBM’s organisation and worked successfully on banking and industry projects spanning global teams and requirements.

Refactoring banking software

FERENDIN engineers helped their IBM colleagues across Europe in analysing and refactoring Java 6 code base used by IBM’s banking clients. We used tools to analyse and understand risks and improve code security and quality while refactoring old Java code to a current more modern version. The new code is robust, safe and performs well on IBM server infrastructure.

Helping oil giants transform

Not only banks, but also oil giants use a lot of software. For such a client we helped refactor old code and create new software solutions for enterprise industry maintenance. We helped engineer and architect cloud solutions for industrial maintenance ticketing systems. The system processes a large volume of messages and integrates with multiple API endpoints, such as SAP, as well as multiple data formats.

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